Friday Night Golf Nights! Start May 11, 2012!

We will be golfing again this year at Pioneer Golf in Marietta.  Our first outing is Friday May 11th after 4pm until dark.  Tell everyone to dust off their clubs and shine up their balls and join us!  Ha!!  The price is $20.00 per couple for 9 holes with a cart.  I don’t think they check to see if its really couples, so if you don’t have a significant other bring your friend instead  We always have alot of fun..Also, Blacksmith Tavern & Grill is open in the hotel (Comfort Suites) for a great barbeque sandwich and cold beer afterwards.


  1. martha and tom

    Tom and I will ne coming. Don’t have to do any dusting. My clubs were 20 yrs old so just invested in a new set. Thank u uncle Sam. See everyone sat. Martha and tom

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