August 2014 letter from Dave, Ski Club President

Valued members,

If you missed the July meeting you missed some good information. In addition to being a member of OHIO VALLEY SKI CLUB, our club is also a member of the OHIO VALLEY SKI COUNCIL. This OVSC is an extremely large group of about 16 clubs in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia.  You can also go on trips organized by the Ohio Valley Ski Council – check out the trips page on their website to find out more!

In addition to being a valued member of our local club, one of the benefits is you will have access to a website, with deep discounts on travel, car rental, ski lessons, ski rentals, ski gear discounts and much more. This national web site is, Please contact me for the user name and password to enter the web site. The page of savings and discounts is:

Well believe it or not summer is past the half-way point. I encourage you to attend the August meeting to find out more details about our water outing adventures we are planning. Our annual November Resort night will be upon us before you know it. We are looking for some good member support to help with this year’s event. Everyone can pitch in; we will need volunteers or making calls, food and beverage, gift items, silent auction donations and much more.

Your support and input is always welcome to help us with are largest local event. Efforts are in place to attempt to draw more support from the larger Western state resorts. Expecting once again an excellent turn out!

We will also be discussing three possible ski trips for 2015, come give us your suggestions for great places to go. So grab a friend and we hope to see you at JP’s on the 4th of August.


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