September 2015 Newsletter – President’s Letter

Hello Skiers and Boarders!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Parkersburg Country Club for our August Meeting.  We were able to meet in the ballroom, and were equipped with a microphone and projector for the white water rafting slide show.  The space worked well for our group – check out the photo below. We’ll make sure we get the food served earlier at the next meeing and I’m sure they will quickly catch on to our club’s needs.  The staff was super friendly, and is eager to delight us.  We have a new sign to place in front of our meeting to encourage Country Club members to stop in and join us.  If you are currently a member of the Country Club – please encourage your friends and fellow members to join us!

countryclub skiclubsign

We hope to get our members out on the river on September 19th for the 2nd annual Parkersburg Paddlefest!  Details for the paddlefest, and links to register are in this months newsletter. Then we are going to extend the river fun in the afternoon with a picnic on the island.  You can paddle over yourself, or catch a ride on a pontoon boat courtesy of ski club members Dottie & Don Gearhart and possibly Debbie & Jimmy Johnston.  Details are below.

September is MEMBERSHIP MONTH!  Our dues are due!  So, please be sure to pay your annual membership fee at the September meeting, and you’ll get an extra attendance ticket for the door prizes!  We also need everyone to fill out our newly revised Membership Form.

Resort Night – our big November meeting – is right around the corner.  We have a great committee that is busy planning the event.  Be sure to donate items for the silent auction, and invite your friends to join us!

Wow – too much to talk about.  We’ll have to catch up at the meeting!  Hope to see you there!

Nancy Miller
Ski Club Prez