Great deals on skis from

We just got a note from the National Ski Federation for a deep discount on a few ski styles from

From: Jimmy McMenamin []

I have a god chunk of inventory in a few styles of skis that were are looking to move at some deep discounts. If anyone within the Ski Federation is looking for skis, take a look and spread the word for anyone to reach out to me. Great opportunity to grab a good pair. Below are the item numbers on the site and the short description.

ROS0923 Squad 7


Style Title
DNF3095 Huascaran Ski
BLD3528 Megawatt Ski
BLD3529 AMPerage Ski
VKL0169 Nunataq Ski
VKL0170 Nanuq Ski
ARM004Z Norwalk Ski


Jimmy McMenamin
Group Sales
Office:  801-746-7580 ext. 5719


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